With over 15 years of experience as a photographer, I've had the privilege of exploring diverse photography genres, including fashion, commercial, editorial, and travel. This extensive background, along with my classic education in photography, shapes my approach today and underpins every image I create. 

I also offer one-on-one workshops and business coaching sessions. These are designed to help you master film photography, build a successful and profitable business, navigate social media, curate a strong portfolio, attract your dream clients, and elevate your business to serve the luxury market.

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Online Coaching

Our coaching calls dive deep into your business- reviewing your goals and uncovering the obstacles that are holding you back from reaching them.

1 on 1 Workshop

Our one-on-one workshops focus on mastering film photography, creating a successful (and profitable!!) business you love, and curating a strong portfolio of work. We begin the workshop with a deep dive into your business and then move on to a practical, creative styled shoot designed to inspire, master new skills and attract your dream clients.

Shoot Outs

Have the chance to elevate your portfolio with a expertly styled and curated photoshoot. 

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I'm incredibly grateful for my mentorship with Ashley! From the start, she was responsive and detail-oriented, asking insightful questions about my goals. Our sessions were personalized and focused entirely on my business, providing me with actionable steps to achieve my objectives. Unlike any workshop or conference, Ashley’s mentorship made me feel like I was making significant progress each time we met. She was an open book, answering all my questions, and her sweet, easy-going nature made the experience enjoyable. I left feeling confident in raising my prices and setting bigger goals for my business.
I highly recommend her as a mentor!

—  KELLEY, coaching client


For more information or to book a coaching call, send us an email!