Do you work alone or with an assistant?

Do you shoot film?

I am so lucky to work as a photographic team with my immensely talented husband, Andreas. We have worked together since the beginning of my business in 2012. Working together a husband and wife team, we offer clients consistency, knowing that the images you see on our website are the same professional and artistic quality you will receive. We work together offers our clients a two unique perspectives and also separately on a wedding day. On a wedding day with over 150 guests, we also work as a team of three with an assistant who loads film and assists our team to ensure every element is taken care of for ourselves and our clients.

Yes. Most of what you see on our website and instagram was photographed on film and we love the timeless quality and tones of film. Film renders skin tones so perfectly and offers the beautiful light and airy look that will never go out of style. Film is beautiful and timeless- meaning your wedding photos will not look outdated in a few years based on a photo editing trend. We are hybrid photographers meaning we shoot a combination of film and digital. There are times when film is far superior over digital and other times when we switch to digital to take advantage of the great low light capabilities and fast auto focus.



What is your photographic style?

Do you work internationally?

Our work as a blend of fine art documentary and editorial portraiture.  We capture a couple, their personalities and love naturally and try to keep your time in front of our cameras fun and relaxed. There are times of the day when we are totally "hands off", documenting the emotions and love of a wedding day, and other times we are offering direction and curating scenes to create the best images.

Our work has taken us all around the world and we are so grateful for that.  We are incredibly inspired by our travels and jump at every opportunity to explore new places. We also travel for the majority of our weddings, so we are experienced at traveling with equipment on planes, trains and by car.



How long does it take to receive our images?

Do you have a back-up camera & lenses and  liability insurance?

Your online gallery is from portrait and engagement sessions is delivered within 6 weeks and wedding galleries are sent within 8 weeks of the wedding day.

Absolutely.  We have back-ups for our back-ups including a wide range of cameras and lenses in the rare case equipment fails. We also carry business liability insurance. All professional photographers should have both of these two things.



How do we book you to photograph our wedding?

How many images do we receive?

Once you have chosen a photography collection, we will prepare your contract and invoice. Once we receive your signed contract and 50% retainer, the date is reserved in our calendar and our services are booked! The final 50% balance is due one month prior to the wedding date.

Every event is unique, and the amount of images we deliver varies due to a myriad of reasons- timeline, guest count, etc... Although typically we deliver between 75-100 images per hour of photography coverage.



Are the images we receive retouched and color-corrected? Do you charge extra for that?

What happens if Ashley or Andreas get sick or have an emergency?

Every image we deliver to clients are color corrected, cropped and edited to be frame-worthy. We pride ourselves in the attention to detail we offer the images we deliver to our clients and want the images in your gallery to be a final product and not need any additional retouching or editing. Ashley worked as a retoucher and photo editor for 8 years after graduating from college. While she has advanced retouching and Photoshop skills, we believe images should always appear natural and never look as though they have been retouched. Our images are edited in a natural way, including blemish removal and slight touch ups if an image requires it.

If clients request extensive retouching beyond of the normal scope of editing, we do offer additional services to clients at the rate of $175 per hour.

Fortunately in the last ten years, we have never needed to find a replacement or have been sick on a wedding day. We take extra care to ensure we are healthy and well rested before a wedding day. That said, we are always prepared for the unexpected and should either of us be unable to attend, we would do everything in our power to find a suitable replacement of similar quality and experience.